Spiced to Your Taste

At Newmarket Indian Cuisine we cater for all tastes, from the mildest Korma dish to our hottest dish on the menu, the Bangalor.

We cater for vegetarians, and can adapt dishes to dietry requirements when necessary.

Our Curries are arranged by ‘heat’, from yellow for the coolest, to red for the hottest.


Yellow Pepper

These varieties are the ‘coolest’ and are satisfyingly tasty for those with a low tolerance to spices, or for those who are experimenting their way through our large selection of curries, to find their preferred ‘heat’.




Orange Pepper

These varieties are classed as ‘medium hot’, and are suitable for most of our customers, to give a degree of spicyness, without having to worry about making your eyes water!




Red Pepper

These are our hottest varities, please be careful when ordering, seriously experienced curry eaters only !

A selection of cold drinks and lagers are available from our bar, make sure you have ordered plenty in advance.



For our guests who ‘don’t like curry’ we have a selection of seafood and English dishes, please take a look at our menu.  Please try one of our curries, we hope to convert even the most unshakable diners to the taste of a Newmarket Indian Cuisine curry.



Red Pepper Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net