S is for Specials


Pepper Chef
Newmarket Indian Cuisine Chef Specials

  • Monza’s Special Chicken
  • Gosht Kalia
  • Clypso Chicken or Lamb Tikka (made with Tia Maria in a creamy mild Mossalla sauce)
  • Archary Chicken or Lamb Tikka (Made with Bangladeshi citrus fruits)
  • Bengal Tiger (King Prawns in a medium spicy sauce made with mustard paste)
  • Quail Tikka Bhoona(made with the Chefs secret spices)
  • Mr Naga(hot and spicy)
  • Eron Special Chicken (Chef’s special spices with rice and onion bahjee)
  • Ali’s Special Chicken
  • Chicken or Lamb Nepall
  • MS2 (Made with curry leaves,garlic, and sweet chilli sauce)
  • Kohana Chicken or Lamb (Made with kidney beans, prawns, and lime leaves)
  • Chaka Laka Chicken or Lamb (made with coconut milk, red pepper, and Chef’s spices)
  • Azaad Special (Made with Chips)
  • Odeen Special Chicken or Lamb
  • Vannia Special ( Made with Lamb Tikka, Tandoori Wings, mustard, a hint of balti, nuts and other secret spices – Fairly Hot )
  • Monster Curry (Medium spiced Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Tikka Chicken on the bone, Tikka Wing, Sheek Kebab,Mince meat with Potato in Chef’s Special sauce
  • Sambuca Flamed Chicken (Anise flavoured, served flaming )
  • Peanut Butter Chicken
  • Chorizo King Prawns
  • Mango Curry
  • Chef Special Vegetables
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